MALT SHOPPE MEMORIES, a 1950’s and early 1960’s Doo-Wop/Rock & Roll vocal group consists of a group of friends who grew up in Brooklyn, New York at a time when music, dating and stick ball dominated our lives. Although it’s been quite a while since we were teenagers singing on street corners, our love for Doo-Wop sound has only gotten stronger. What happened to dating and stick ball??

Doo-Wop and early Rock & Roll continue to be very popular as evidenced by our many sell-out performances throughout Florida and the Southeast region. Doo-Wop, the music of our generation, is ageless. Young groups are coming on the scene performing the songs we sang and danced to sixty years ago. Together, our dedication and love for this music is keeping Doo-Wop alive for many generations to come. Malt Shoppe Memories is proud to be part of this musical phenomenon.

We encourage all lovers of Doo-Wop to listen to Glen Fisher’s Doo-Wop Revival radio show, Sunday evenings, 8pm-9pm, WJCT-89.9FM Jacksonville, or on the web at news.wjct.org. You can also get the Doo-Wop Revival anytime at WJCTOnDemand.

Doo-Wop aficionados will also love The Street Corner Radio Show with Steve Fox at www.fox45rpm.com. Steve plays classic and obscure Doo-Wop recordings from vinyl records. We consider both Glen and Steve part of the Malt Shoppe Memories family

Malt Shoppe Memories is committed to be an essential part of those who strive to keep this great music alive with the release of our 4th album appropriately titled Echoes of Doo-Wop. Featured on this CD are songs that played a significant role in making Doo-Wop more than just the music of our generation, but a sound being adopted by today’s younger vocal groups. Contemporary songs such as “Night Has Come”, written and sung by our newest group member, Louise DeVito, has all the harmonies and lyrical features of classic Doo-Wop as does Bruce’s rendition of “Streets of the Bronx”, Arnie’s more recent “Looking for an Echo” and Kevin’s interpretation of “My Girl”. The other songs featured on this album shine a spotlight on all the group members who switch from backup to lead singers, bringing a more nostalgic sound to our favorite oldies. We are very proud of our latest album Echoes of Doo-Wop because it takes us even further into the unique style of the 1950’s and early 1960’s musical era. We are confident you will enjoy this CD as much as we enjoyed recording it for you. Together we are keeping this great music alive.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a copy of our two previous studio recordings “Sincerely Yours” and “From Us to You”. CDs are still available!