What’s New

Malt Shoppe Memories has expanded our genre of music to accommodate diversified audiences without compromising the Group Harmony sound. We received many requests during performances for songs from the era of our young adult lives as well as our teenage years. Memories span a great many years and just as we have evolved in our lives, music has evolved with us. Rhythm & Blues and Doo Wop are the foundations of the music we never cease to enjoy. They continue to be the root to what we now bring to our audiences. But if the root doesn’t flourish, expand and grow it will wither.

We’ve had wonderful responses from our audiences and will continue to listen to what they want to hear. We are Malt Shoppe Memories, we sing to bring back the best of musical memories for both you and ourselves.

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of recording our newest and sixth CD with songs that reflect Malt Shoppe Memories today.

Malt Shoppe Memories recently performed for a number of sell-out audiences in the Southeast as well as the State Fairgrounds near Nashville, TN. We are scheduled to perform in New Orleans in 2019.

On November 16  Malt Shoppe Memories performed at the Mudville Grille in Jacksonville, sharing the stage with Maurice Newton of the Fidelity’s and Jimmy Gallagher of the Passions. Malt Shoppe Memories backed up both Maurice and Jimmy as they sang their popular hits as well as bringing to the audience our own renditions of songs from the past.

On November 12  Malt Shoppe Memories,  was the sole guest performing act at the St. Augustine Amphitheater. Our renditions of classic oldies was well received by our audience on the “Front Porch” stage of the amphitheater. We thank the Friends of the St. Augustine Amphitheater for giving us the honor to perform.

We are pleased to release our 5th CD,  Remember When,  a unique compilation of the greatest oldies with featured guest artist Maurice Newton (former lead singer of the 1950’s/early 1960’s R&B and Doo Wop group The Fidelitys.

Malt Shoppe Memories has a new look. Like many of the classical Oldies group’s performing on stage, we’ve added a semi-formal look to our act. We think you’ll be pleased at our various outfits featuring dinner jackets, tuxedos and of course our “street corner” wear

And you thought we couldn’t get better looking.

On April 30 Malt Shoppe Memories was part of a DooWop Revival show at the Mudville Grill in Jacksonville, Fl.

We were joined by the young Oldies female group, Bond on Blond and the fabulous Maurice Newton, lead singer of the iconic group, The Fidelity’s. Members of the group were honored when Maurice asked us to back him up for the 3rd set of the show. The sell out audience rose to their feet at the end of the performance.

Thank you Glen Fisher of DooWop Revival Productions for allowing us to be a big part of the show. And thank you Maurice Newton for your professionalism and friendship. You are truly one of the greats keeping our music alive.

Malt Shoppe Memories is honored to be one of the Oldies groups requested to record promos for Glen Fisher’s Doo-Wop Revivial radio shows on WJCT, 89.9FM, Jacksonville. Glen Fisher is definitely The King of the Doo-Woppers.

We thank all our fans and lovers of Oldies music for making our Oct 3 show at the Elks Lodge another sell-out success.

Our recordings were played on The Doo-Wop Revival,WJCT, 89.9, Jacksonville, Dr. Dave’s Easy Oldies WNZF, 100.9 Flagler County and The Sunday Night Oldies Review,WLVO, 106.1, Live Oak, Fl.

Malt Shoppe Memories performed at the Daytona International Speedway. Although the headline acts were Reba McIntyre and Kenny Rogers, the audience greatly enjoyed our Oldies Review. We were invited to perform again the following day to cheers and a standing ovation.

Malt Shoppe Memories has recently been featured on a number of radio shows and in newspaper articles in Central Florida and the Panhandle. Our recordings were played on The Doo-Wop Revival,WJCT, 89.9, Jacksonville, Dr. Dave’s Easy Oldies WNZF, 100.9 Flagler County and The Sunday Night Oldies Review,WLVO, 106.1, Live Oak, Fl.

We shared the stage with the Legends of Doo-Wop and the Mystics at the Ormond Beach Center for the Performing Arts. We received a standing ovation from our fans and a sterling review from Richard Nader Productions. As this was our second time at the Center for the Performing Arts we know it won’t be that last. Many thanks to the Legends of Doo-Wop, the Mystics and Joey D. for bringing us into their world of high quality acts.

Malt Shoppe Memories performed for Passport America and Freedom Resorts in Nashville, Tennessee. We were introduced to a new audience in yet another part of the country.

Our many club and private performances were well received. We invested in upgraded sound equipment to enhance our show even more.